About Jayce Walker

I love making beautiful things. Let's make something beautiful together.

Welcome! My name is Jayce, I'm originally from Indiana. It's nice to meet you! I have a passion to create all types of design and art. I try to make design as interesting, eye catching, and human as possible, and truly enjoy creating new ideas. Drawing in inspiration from the natural world, old school and new school styles, street art, urban landscape, I hope to innovate and bring unique approaches to creative design solutions. Using my knowledge and skills I strive for a result driven solution that will be unique to your individual needs. Please browse my site and contact me if you would like to discuss a project or any employement opportunities.


  • B.F.A. in Graphic Design at IU.
    (Indiana University)
  • B.S. in Informatics & Computing at IU.
  • High Level Proficiency with
    Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Proficient with HTML5/CSS & PHP.
  • Self-Directed and Motivated.
  • 9+ Years Experience with
    In-House & Freelance Design.
  • Innovative & Creative Problem Solver.
  • Screen Printing, Letterpress
    & Bookmaking Background.